About me

As a dynamic and forward-thinking technology executive, I have extensive experience 15+ years of multi-industry experience driving internal alignment to create a positive impact on the business and people, helping various organizations, including cybersecurity and IT services companies, to achieve strategic goals.

Being a tech leader, I design high-speed transaction systems on private/public clouds and work with managed and custom message buses to deliver reliable and efficient data solutions. I am known for finding clarity in complex situations, designing human-centered products, and aligning people and processes to drive results.

As a compassionate and motivating leader with a coaching mindset, I have a passion for building high-performing teams and accelerating delivery through a focus on Agile methodologies and collaborative learning. I strive to provide value as a company resource and have consistently achieved recognition, awards, and promotional opportunities.

What i'm doing

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    Building Data Teams

    Launching Delta data lake, migrating from a data lake to a data lakehouse.

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    Overcoming Hurdles

    Overcame connectivity and security hurdles in the project's last mile by leveraging best practices and outside experts.

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    Implimented Testing

    Implemented automation for 82% of unit, system, and integration test cases, reducing testing time and improving product quality.

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    Establishing Precision Connectivity

    Overcame the challenge of opening precision connectivity for fast throughput of new gRPC services in a PCI-compliant environment.


  • Nathaniel Davis

    Nathaniel Davis

    Senior Software Engineer, InStride

    Simon’s leadership over the architectural discussions for the past few months has been outstanding. He is pushing all of us to come to real solutions that drive impact, and doing it with empathy and a kind, motivated heart. That's super rare in a people leader, and it's made a real difference. Thrilled to have him pushing us forward.

  • Alex Martellaro

    Alex Martellaro

    Software Engineer

    Simon is an awesome teammate, leader and developer with an eye for design, but his true strength lies in seeing the big picture and making all the right connections to bring everything together. He's great at living in the intersections-- the intersection of code and design, the spaces where teams overlap, filling the gaps between solution ownership and developers. Plus, he's just a truly kind person with a huge heart. I'd be thrilled to work on a team with him again.

  • John Garavito Suárez

    John Garavito Suárez

    Data Engineer and MSc. In Computer Science

    Simon is one of the most committed and innovative managers I have ever had. It is a pleasure to work for him because he always facilitates communication and collaboration between different roles and promotes a healthy work environment. Thank you very much for all the learning and time shared with me.

  • Kit Menke

    Kit Menke

    Data Engineering Leader | STL Big Data meetup co-organizer

    I worked closely with Simon at 1904labs in a variety of roles. The two things that stand out to me are: how deeply he cares about his fellow humans and his drive to make things better. Simon challenged me think bigger and better, for which I am always grateful.

  • Sander Boeije

    Sander Boeije

    Associate Product Manager at InStride

    My experience working with Simon has been incredibly enjoyable.

    Simon's flexible approach to leadership, coupled with his ability to adapt and fulfill various roles within the team, demonstrates remarkable versatility. His commitment to onboarding the right talent while recognizing their individual potential exemplifies his exceptional people management skills.

    Simon commendably embraces the principles of 'Servant Leadership', creating an environment where team members feel valued and motivated. His authenticity, realism, and trust in the team's intentions have a rejuvenating effect, particularly during challenging times or high-pressure situations. Simon's effective and empathetic leadership style has been crucial to the team's success, and I wholeheartedly encourage him to persist in this approach.



  1. InStride / Manager, Platform and Data Engineering

    2022 to Present

    Lead two software engineering teams specializing in data and platform building blocks, managing 12 contractors and two FTE. Facilitate conversations about the tech stack to make it more sustainable and integrated it into projects and initiatives to drive business progress. Coach and mentor engineers on framing up problems for better communication and collaboration with partners. Build and manage skillset profiles to recruit the right contractors for technical roles. Select and manage vendors for managed technical services, such as Confluent, Mongo Atlas, and Astronomer Io.

  2. Mastercard / Manager, Data and Software Engineering

    2021 - 2022

    Managed a team of seven direct reports, ranging from junior to staff engineers, in their effort to support the Next Edge program that virtualized the Mastercard network infrastructure. Led the team in building and integrating gRPC technology to modernize the infrastructure for merchants, acquirers, and other organizations. Ensured alignment with the architecture team to implement practical solutions. Oversaw hiring, firing, and onboarding while conducting performance reviews.

  3. 1904labs / Agile Engineering Leader

    2019 - 2021

    Provided servant leadership as a technical lead and client liaison for a software development company that transforms Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies' ideas into digital solutions. Led teams of up to nine direct reports and provided technical support and agile guidance for complex software projects ranging from refactoring existing applications to building new ones.

  4. Slalom / Senior Software Engineer

    2018 - 2019

    Led the User Interface Engineering practice for a modern consulting firm, blending human-centered design with front-end development. Modernized data access systems for a Fortune 500 Healthcare Company, allowing for improved patient care through data-driven insights. Contributed to the launch of an international chemical company's first-ever SaaS product, expanding the company's product offerings and accelerating growth.

  5. Threatblockr / VP of Product

    2017 - 2018

    Contributed to the modernization of Bandura's cybersecurity appliance and SaaS management platform deployed on AWS and GCP, spearheading an iterative refresh of the core product's user interface. Reduced the engineering team's support time by simplifying the product's default settings and recommendations by leading a technical team in exercises to develop a simple mode that could be quickly activated by customers to test and speed up the sales cycle.

  6. Spry Digital / Technical Project Manager

    2015 - 2016

    Drove web application and marketing solutions and open-source integration projects for diverse clients, including enterprise, government, and non-profit sectors, managing up to eight direct reports. Conducted deep-dive technical meetings to ensure architectural clarity and created prototypes and proofs-of-concepts for potential implementation.

  7. Washington University in St. Louis / Adjunct Instructor

    2012 - 2016

    Developed and implemented a content-first front-end curriculum for a popular web development course in the WashU School of Engineering & Applied Science over five semesters. Increased student interest and enrollment from diverse majors including business, graphic design, and computer science. Managed a team of four TAs, facilitating mentorship and ensuring quality grading standards.

  8. Greater Goods / Director of Creative Operations

    2015 - 2015

    Spearheaded the development of customized web applications by leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver top-notch products for digital distribution, which contributed to a significant increase in revenue. Managed the entire product development process, from idea conception to factory production, leading to the launching of multiple products. Collaborated with marketing teams to create digital content for various micro-brands, resulting in an expansion of the company's customer base.

  9. The Journey / Chief Technology Officer

    2009 - 2015

    Spearheaded custom web application development, traditional IT functions, and live productions across all sites. Orchestrated a software engineering team of six as a servant leader, guiding and mentoring them toward successful project outcomes. Directed the technical architecture, requirements, and specifications for a content syndication application, resulting in the development of a highly effective solution.


  1. W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University

    2023 — 2024

    Master of Business Administration (Candidate)

  2. The University of Nebraska

    2001 — 2005

    Bachelor of Fine Arts

My skills

  • Technical Leadership
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Financial Management & Forecasting



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