About Me

Simon Yost

Unifying & aligning teams around the power of technology so that tribes can thrive.

While specializing in maximizing the potential of multi-disciplinary teams, I create sustainable and digital products on cloud infrastructure.

I have spent 15 years building organizations (startups, nonprofits, and enterprise) in the Midwest region by spearheading technology strategy and software products. That includes countless hours coaching professionals and students on building applications, creating digital products, and installing systems in businesses. I currently serve as a technology enablement consultant at Slalom St. Louis.

Outside of work, I am a husband, father, amateur cyclist, and self-professed coffee aficionado. My passions include foster/adopt parenting and Nebraska football.

My Career


Responsible for maintaining the client relationship as well as providing technical support, agile guidance, and servant leadership to the software development team. The Agile Engineering Lead is responsible for facilitating interactions between the team and the client, both running down roadblocks as well as guiding day to day engineering activities.

Agile Engineering Lead


Slalom is a modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation. My technology enablement practice ranges from Cloud DevOps to Front-end Development. I lead our User Interface Design practice in the St. Louis market. It is a privilege to spend my days helping our Experience Designers and Developers create products that delight users.

Consultant, Technology Enablement

Bandura Systems

Bandura creates a cybersecurity appliance that sits between in the internet and firewall to keep out the bad guys. My team and I delight and surprise our customers with intuitive user interfaces as well as engaged and contextual support interactions. I led the migration of the flagship appliance from PHP/jQuery to Python + GoLang/ Vue.JS. The team also was a frontrunner in deploying on the Google Cloud marketplace in the Google Partner Program.

VP of Services & Experience

Spry Digital

Spry is a digital creative agency that works with enterprise, government, and non-profit sectors. I led the project managers and was responsible for the day to day activities of the technical project teams. I was the project leader for telecom buyflow applications hosted on AWS with 30k+ daily pageviews and millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Technical Project Manager

Washington University in St. Louis

I taught 5 semesters of a web development course at the WashU School of Engineering & Applied Science. I developed a front-end, content-first curriculum​ for the course to augment computer science foundations in the program. The course was popular with business, graphic design, and computer science majors.

2012 – 2016
Adjunct Instructor

Greater Goods

Greater Goods sources and designs products for distribution on digital channels like Amazon. I created custom web applications, project managed digital content creation for micro-brands and developed UX patterns for consumer products with embedded systems (eg. blood pressure monitor). I led the team in adding 6 new product offerings, a website relaunch, and a new supply-chain process.

Director of Creative Operations

The Journey

The Journey is a multi-site church with six locations. I served in CTO role and was accountable for custom web application development, traditional IT functions, and live productions at 6 sites. I also created a content syndication web app called PatchBay that allowed 25 stakeholders to manage digital content reaching 2,500+ print, 5,500+ web, 1,500+ mobile.

2009 - 2015
Director of Integration & Technology

The Growth Partnership

The Growth Partnership is a full-service marketing and business development agency for accounting firms. I create client website and digital marketing content. Additionally, I moved clients from static sites to content management systems like Drupal and WordPress.

Web Developer & Designer


When I joined Unanimous, it had a long history of serving clients with traditional marketing. I grew website and application revenue​ by implementing Drupal, an open source CMS, which increased margins and allowed us to serve more clients.

Web Developer & Designer




My Projects

Simply Foster

A platform to connect foster families with kids needing a home.

My Role: Board Member

Real-Time Repository, Claims

Partnered with Centene's IT department to migrate million's of Oracle rows into MongoDB using Kafak and GoLang.

My Role: GoLang Developer, Solution Architect, Cloud DevOps (Kubernetes & Docker)

Bandura TIG

The PoliWall is a security appliance that goes between in the internet and firewall to keep out the bad guys.

My Role: UX Design // Front-end development // PHP development // Project Management

Bandura TIG Cloud Management Console

Bandura TIG Cloud Management Console is an application allowing PoliWall users to control policy from multiple appliances on a single interface.

My Role: UX Design // Front-end development // Python development // Project Management

Optimum & Suddenlink Buyflows

A Node/Angular app that allows customers to buy cable TV, phone, and internet service.

My Role: UX Design // User stories // Front-end development // Project Management

USAID PC Dashbaord

The Program Cycle (PC) Dashboard was created for USAID contracts to track the world-wide professional activities of its teams and missions.

My Role: UX Design // Information design // Front-end development // Project Management

Randy Burkett Lighting

A portfolio site for a industry-leading architectural lighting design firm.

My Role: Information design // User stories // Project Management // Testing lead

Craft Alliance

A resource site for events and media created internally for large non-profit.

My Role: Information design // User stories //Project Management // Testing lead


A sales site created internally for a consumer products company.

My Role: UX Design // Information design // Front-end development // Project Management

Content First Web Development Curriculum

I developed and taught a front-end, content-first curriculum​ for the course to augment CS foundations for the WashU School of Engineering & Applied Science. The course was popular with business, graphic design, and computer science majors.